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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  September 1, 2015 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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>> grant:now a 8. >> grant:a recently retired east bay high school teacher. behind bars. after police say, they found child pornography during a raid of his home. >> grant: (male announcer): this is the bay area news station, kron 4 news starts now. small >> pam:good evening i'm pam moore. 66- year old walnut creek
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resident - marshall pfeiffer - was taken into police custody today. kron-4's alecia reid joins us live with more on the serious charges he is facing. >> reporter:every single student i spoke with is in complete shock this evening that the english teacher they know and respect, is now in jail for possessing child porn. >> is hard to really think about it. >> reporter:students are shocked to hear teacher, marshall pfeiffer was arrested for child porn. >>\ i think that his career, teacher. this is just surprising. >> reporter: was one of their favorite teachers. pfeiffer recently after teaching there for 25 years. >>- i never heard anything bad about him. >> reporter:after a lengthy investigation, a knock on resulted in his arrest. police say child porn was found on his computer. a number of agencies across the bay area took part in
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the investigation. the school district continues to work with police, saying there's no evidence that suggests the former teacher took part in any illegal activity during his years at the school. although surprised by the news, students still feel their school is safe. >> i don't feel unsafe here at school. it's just like the weirdest people. you never know, you cant really tell. >> reporter:word got around campus really fast today. students emergency meeting for teachers, but that the about the arrest as of yet. >> pam: new at 8 tonight. >> pam: just as classes are starting an alleged sexual attack on >> pam: kron 4's justine waldman joins us live from cal. with story. >> pam: justine?
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>> reporter:police say the attack happened overnight. right here on campus in a placemany believe is safe. >> reporter:students are just starting school for the semester and unsettling news. >> reporter:a woman claims she was attacked in a uc berkeley campus library. >>sot that is disturbing libraries are a place you study safely >> reporter:the sexual battery was reported at 12:30 tuesday morning. >> reporter:but the 20-year- old victim did not tell police which library it happened in, the time of the crime or give a description of the alleged attacker. >> reporter:even so. some students are scared. >>sot we are supposed to be able to go there and do what we need to do and be protected here
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>>sot that is awful obviously >>sot we are on a big campus in a big city statistically it is going to happen you just have to be aware >> reporter:campus police did put out a warning telling students about the attack. >> reporter:but many told me they never got one. >> i did not know. >> i actually did not check might in box. haha >> reporter:it is unclear to campus police if the victim goes to school at cal. >> reporter:as the investigation unfolds students are rethinking their safety. >> i went to the library for the first time today and they did not asking any id. feel safe return to index of stories...
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>> reporter:kron 4 did get a letter from the chancellor today. students are now required to attend presentations aiming to stop sexual violence on campus. >> reporter:if they do not attendtheir blocked. >> pam:live in berkeley justine >> reporter: kron 4 news. >> pam: thank you justine. >> pam: today , the governor signed a new law extending the reach of colleges in sexual assault cases. >> pam: the law allows community colleges to suspend or expel students for off- campus sexual assaults. and the law applies to assaults that do not involve other students. >> pam: u-c and c-s-u schools say, their systems already punish students for off- campus >> pam: emotional words today from
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>> pam: they took to the steps of city hall, pleading for change. .and announcing plans for a lawsuit designed to hold people accountable for her murder. >> pam: grant lodes joins us now with details on the lawsuit. >> grant:the lawsuit is against san francisco sheriff ross land management. and federal immigration officials. steinle was murdered in july, as she was walking on pier- 14 with her father. >> grant:the suspect, undocumented immigrant, francisco lopez -sanchez. has been charged with murder. the sheriff's department released lopez -sanchez back in april - despite an immigration hold on him. >> grant:the sheriff said, he did so, because of the city's sanctuary love. -- law
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>> grant: no one has taken responsibility for her death. shortchanging the futures similar tragedies. >> grant: $1 amount was issued. in regard to the lawsuit. kate's mom had to say was posted on kron 4 news. com >> pam: a veteran police officer was gunned down earlier today. >> pam:f-b-i snipers and u=s marshals joined local
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farms and wooded areas in fox lake, illinois. that's a 90- minute drive from chicago. >> pam:catherine heenan has the details on this latest case. of an officer killed in the line of duty. >> catherine:it now appears that the suspect in the shooting death of a houston- area police officer, was twice committed to mental health facilities in the last five years. >> catherine:an attorney for shannon miles says, he was committed to a county psychiatric >> catherine:yesterday. authorities say, he spent several months at a state mental hospital after a 20- 12 arrest at a homeless shelter. >> it was a decorated police officer. a family man. >> catherine: his death touched off at all night
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manhunt. >> we have numerous helicopters and aircraft in the air with a large number of officers conducting and the area. >> this time we are asking on neighborhood residents to stay inside and to report any suspicious activity in contact 911. >> pam: stunning accusations against two san francisco police officers.
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>> pam: one officer is being sexual assault. >> pam: another is accused of interfering with that probe. >> pam: a police search warrant says, a woman was treated at s-f general earlier this month, for injuries from a sexual assault. >> pam: according to the warrant. the officer told police, he had been drinking with the victim. but could not remember if they had sex. >> pam: however the victim told police. the officer raped her after she told him to stop. >> pam: the officer has been placed in an assignment where he has no contact with the public. and has been stripped of his firearm. >> i do not want to live here. i do not want to live in this country anymore.
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>> pam: the housing crisis is an issue many people are facing across the bay area and tonight, it is taking a front and center spot. on san jose's city council agenda. >> pam: the city's housing ordinances have not been updated in decades. meanwhile, the price of housing has been skyrocketing. >> pam: today the council voted to update those ordinaces. >> pam: kron 4's emily turner was at the meeting to tell us what that means. emily return to >> it is hard. i cried every night. because i do not know what to do. >> reporter:two sides- two very different desires- so it there will be community meetings, research and a lot of legal work done to figure what those updates look
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>> reporter:micaela munnos' story is shared by thousands in san jose. and today, many of those folks showed up to city council, asking them to update their apartment rental ordinanceslegislation since 1979. >>take sot i deserve something i can afford and have money for my son, to take him out. >> reporter:attorneys, engineers and in council. but those on the worry some of the possible changes will put them out of business or make matters worse take sot richard matthews/landlord "rent control can cause all kinds eventual rents going up even more than they would have had their not been rent control. " >> reporter:according to the silicon valley renters' rights coalition, the average person would need to make more than 100 thousand dollars a year to afford the average rent in san jose: 2500/month for a two bedroom. today, city council agreed, and voted that something needs to be done to manage the situation. what those changes are..has yet to be determined. but one thing is certain: the housing department is now charged with figuring it outgiving folks like munos the hope she so desperately needs. >>oc i don't want to suffer
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>> reporter: they are going to present a report back to city council or around november and it expects to have the legislation ready to vote on in january. as you know, that is a very tentative timeline. >> pam: out of the east bay, a witness tells police about a disturbing crime. plus, new evidence suggests an el nino storm is a strengthening in the pacific ocean. what it could mean for the drop? and next a close call for construction workers in this video the center of the bitter dispute. >> diane: tonight, the forecasters coming up next!
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>> grant: is incident happened nearly a year ago but we are discussing in the video. citing the incident, as worried about the safety at the new hospital linked as suspect two years behind schedule with millions of dollars over budget. the statement says safety reported. and accused the county as using this explosion as using this explosion. >> pam: polices the received a report of a man forcing and woman into the truck of the carteret kron4 j.r. stone is following the story. j.r.? >> reporter: pam, no missing persons case has been connected to the story. this is the area where police is a man allegedly
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forced a woman into the trunk of his car. startling news to dog walkers. in the east oakland hills. >> when i heard of it i said i should get some mace. i heard the shots a few weeks ago. a little nerve wracking. >> reporter: authorities said it was after 10 on monday night when witnesses reported it the kidnapping. the man and woman has not been seen since. >> reporter: news of an alleged kidnapping of a woman is not surprising with the want-just with those that i have talked to.
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>> see all of the debris. used condoms and drug paraphernalia trash? there is undesirable activity going on. and we do not go on after night patrick if we do we double up with people. --and if we do lie >> reporter: is in east oakland, j.r. stone kron 4 news. >> this just in to the kron 4 newsroom. >> grant: we are working to find out what exactly is going on. it is definitely an inconvenience. we will certainly keep you posted.
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>> diane: breezy conditions to rid--for the rest of your evening, mostly cloudy conditions. 64 among the coast. what the slight chance of patchy drizzle. pretty quickly, and around 9:00 noon ton, making way for sunshine. temperatures will only be in the seventh is pretty much across the board. this is what we are talking about for tomorrow with patchy drizzle >> diane: as we transition into noontime, clearing for the inland valley cities along with the north bay and south bay cities. by 2:00,
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uc for a and therefore thursday occurred you to see that we are now dealing with a lot of clout anymore creek will have more sunshine and warm things up for the weekend. >> diane: first, we have to get through the cooler temperatures. moving down to the inland valley communities. . >> diane: up in the north bay with scattered clouds. however, clear skies in the afternoon. slightly more on friday occurred i will talk more about the warming trend in the 7 day forecast, coming up next.
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>> grant: it is the late as daunting bit of information that put out drought and a corresponding loss fire epidemic in perspective. >> grant: already this year we are just getting into the traditional he or heart of fire season more than a million acres have been burned across the country and you are thinking ok, 8 million a.. that's bigger than the size of maryland! right now, throughout the country. there are more than 65 large fires raging. >> grant: the state's more
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impacted californian, washington, idaho, oregon and montana. >> gary: how about a couple of stories. spores of next much later in the broadcast
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>> it has all of these books i said i did not know
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about what the price is right next each other. >> reporter: searching for the book and you are shown to where the or where to find the best deal. here is a biology book that has a $208 listing price. or gigabytes to this company for 1899 or rented for 1749. >> i think that is very easy. you do not have to jump through a lot of lives to get to the indicators of what you really need to know. >> reporter:slugbooks, said a stein and keeps her from checking all over the web for the best price. >> seems obvious ones you see how cheap it will be
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much you'll look on the site. >> reporter: slate--gabe slate >> pam: still ahead, and dramatic rescue call on video as a man tries to help a group calling on the side of the building.
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>> pam: the city of richmond is experiencing a major crimes like this year despite a drop in crime last year. most recently a 65 year-old man was gunned down sunday in richmond. it is the city's 13th murder this year. that is up from 11 in all of 2014. >> pam: police say that is part of an uptick in crime
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and it includes a 5% increase in property crime and a 20% rise in rob roy's. police say rubbers are targeting people distracted by their cell phones and a couple hot spots in the city. as for violent crime he says longstanding feuds between gangs that cool down in 2014 appears to be backing up. >> diane: to expect light showers early in relator in this week, not--could we expect light showers later in this week?
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>> reporter:an el nino is a mass of warm the pacific. meteoroligst have a ranking system how strong the el nino is. weak, moderate, strong and very strong. the last time we saw a very strong el nino was in the 90s and it now appears it could happen again. >> reporter:this new report from the world meteorological"a mature and strong el niño is now present in the tropical pacific ocean" >> reporter:the wmo says that average temperatures across the 2 degrees celsius above normal "placing this el niño event among the four strongest events since 1950" >> reporter:the current el nino started to form last winter and has been gaining strength ever since. experts believe that it will probably peek and then started to fade off. >> reporter:the last time the planet saw an ice storm in the florida. overall across the record. >> reporter:but the wmo report also each event are never exactly impossible to predict exactly how this el nino will impact weather in the months ahead. return to
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>> reporter:the national weather service is expected to present their latest el nino update next week. in san francisco, charles clifford kron 4ok: teen dies brain eating >> pam: a 24-year-old single mother amoeba from an oklahoma lake. beth knight went swimming at >> pam: a lake on tuesday august 4th. >> pam: by friday.she was at the e-r with a severe headache. >> pam: they treated her and sent her home.but she was back the very next day. >> pam: doctors thought it was bacterial meningitis.but beth rapidly deteriorated doctors told her parents she had no brain activity. >> pam: they found out beth had contracted a brain eating amoeba
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>>.the medical community. >> pam: beth left behind a five year old daughter and three year old son. >> pam: columbia, s.c. - a judge has sentenced a white former to a year of home detention, but no prison time in the unarmed black man. richard to misconduct in office. prosecutors agreed to drop a murder charge against him after hung juries in two murder trials. combs shot walter bailey three times as he tried to pull out of eutawville town hall in may 2011. bailey came to and combs tried to serve him with an obstruction of justice warrant when bailey cities across this country are seeing a sharp spike in murders. >> pam: in san francisco.there has been a 71 percent increase in homicides over last year. >> pam: some believe its being caused by police pulling back after public outrage over the recent police shootings of unarmed men. but some say the rise has nothing to do with police tactics. martin savidge has the store
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a. --story banner: murder makes a comeback. cities across this country are seeing a sharp spike in murders. >> reporter:some believe its being caused by police pulling back after public outrage over the recent police shootings of unarmed men. nothing to do with police tactics. martin savidge has more. i'm hitching a ride with the nopda looking for troublea >>"what do you think is, in your precinct, the worst crime area now?" >> reporter:in new orleans, the blood spattered bad old days are making a comebacka
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>> reporter:here, two men are gunned down. murdered. >>"so we know that murder's gone up this year. whya?" >>"if i had a magic answer, i would probably be a wealthy mana" >> reporter:while violent crime overall has dipped, in the last year, homicides in the big from historic lows. >> reporter:but it's not just new orleansa >> reporter:in atlanta murders are up 12% over last year. chicago is up 20% >> reporter:dallas up 23% in the nation's capital homicides are up 43%. >> reporter:goodley, an 18- year police veteran blames it on too many kids, with too many guns with too little hope. >>"we got a lot of, you know, how to handle aggression." >> reporter:but could something else besome suggest police have become less aggressive and less visible in high crime areas in the aftermath of public outrage following the deaths of michael brown and freddie graya. noting cities near or where those incidents happened have seen a huge jump in homicide rates last year.
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>> reporter:ferguson's neighbor, st. louis, is seeing homicides up nearly 58%, and baltimore saw murders there jump up 56% over last year. >> reporter:speaking in disguise to brooke baldwin this baltimore officer seems to admit cops have backed off, implying the public is getting what it asked for. >>"i think the public really, really sees that the actually softer, less aggressive police department and we've given that and now they're realizing their way of thinking does not work. >> >>"you don't buy this theory that cops are backing off because of a public backlasha >>"no i don't" >> reporter:cedric alexander is a 38-year law enforcement veteran obama's task force on 21st century policing. >>"in terms of a work slow down, in terms of not taking calls or only respond to 9- 1-1 calls that is not what aha across this country." >> reporter:he points to other big cities such as phoenix and los angeles where homicide rates are actually slightly >>"i don't think anyone really has a handle on it." >> reporter:those who research crime say can be short-term wild swingsa. and you don't always know why. >>" i think there are many stories that people tell that are really not backed up by evidence right now." >> reporter:experts say we are still a lot safer than we were 15 or 20 years ago. as for this summer's spike in homicidesa it's a real murder mystery. martin savidge cnn new orleans return to index of
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>> pam: a federal judge today granted former uber drivers status as they sue the their tips. they say they are owed money because uber includes gratuities in the fare and keeps part of the tip. potentially increase the number of drivers who claim they should be treated as employees rather than independent contractors. >> pam: it only applies to drivers who worked for the company june 20-14. not current uber drivers. uber released a statement saying it will likely appeal the decision. return to this is the dawn of an old day.
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because at&t and directv are offering yesterday's technology, today. tv from space.
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cubby. >> reporter:hardly a human in sight. >> reporter:expect for maybe an eatsathe food is fast and healthy - based on the grain - quinoa. >> i love this feature aspect of it. --future >> reporter:. meets the auto-mat. >> reporter:with a touch of - space oddessy >> reporter:scott drummond is one of eatsa's founders. >> reporter:but this high tech cafeteria is committed to engineering a meal that's better for your body and the planet. >> reporter:customers we talked with didn't seem bothered by the lack of human interaction. >> reporter:as for robots replacing workers for jobs? there's a team of kitchen staff making the food - you just don't see them. >> reporter:welcome to the fast-food revolution. >> reporter:they're planning another location in san francisco and launching
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another eatsa in southern california soon. >> reporter:in san francisco, vicki liviakis kron 4 news. return >> diane: and cooling trend before it warms up for the weekend. we are going to have the warmer temperatures creek however, we do have the chance of a light drizzle. cloudy conditions for tonight. >> diane: things will clear up by the state the friday.
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--things will clear up by thursday to friday >> diane: we have the patchy drizzle. a chance of it for the peninsula regent writ satellite's radar, and why we are doing what we are dealing with this weather for the next few days it will show the system that's in place. >> reporter: >> diane: we are talking about a 10 degree difference from what we have been experiencing for the past few days. >> diane: friday things to start clearing up with those clowns and head into the weekend. so notice a
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difference. friday, mostly sunny skies and by saturday already and that eighties. >> diane: >> pam: coming up next! children are purchasing drugs by social media critic of can be done but a simple search. >> pam: sports next!
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>> as good to have lessons learned now. been learned them now so you know what you can reckon i get away with. >> gary: having fun on twitter. if you want to get into night, i know they are thinking all jobs stuff. but is not. >> gary: my wife and i silly all round on a yacht and monsters vineyard. and hopefully if you follow me.
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anyone can talk sports. the grant, i think you will agree there is more to me then talking to-one, 2-3. you have to know how to love. and i think if you follow me on twitter you will know how to love. >> reporter: has been doing this morning and night. for 20 years. >> gary: sometimes you have to annoyed people of the off-the-wall sometimes you have to get people mad at you to be interesting. at the root is laugh. --love >> gary: no one is looking love. >> pam: love, like the love boat.
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>> grant: is, for officially reporting this? >> gary: what, love? >> gary: the end of the day has to be about love. >> gary: snoop dog and steve nash on is to graeme. and the great drake! >> gary: posting this on is the graeme. here is a couple of guys if you can follow. >> gary: pam, champagne top be if you will like to
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follow my brother drake. >> gary: as i have said in million tons to be pretty good on tv and break big stories. but if you are not part of twitter you are not a part of tumbler? >> pam: there is also grant --there is also kron4 >> gary: what you are sleeping and i am tweeting. >> grant: dynast see any new followers0- -- i do not seen any new followers
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>> pam: this is different trick in canadian couples divorce sophie--selfie is going viral. >> grant: we have ended our marriage and that will allow us to go forward. that will call parent our children. in a respectful manner. >> grant: this post, most of berlin has been shared numerous times. because there are because they
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occur, taking photos. at ending their relationship their marital relationship in a respectful way. >> diane: cooler temperatures for the next few days. sunday 84, pretty much closed to the '90s coming this weekend. >> pam: we are back at the lab that! c. van. --we are back at the
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